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KO Classic: adidas T-Mac 3 Original

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Manage Wishlist. Please Note: This bike is not eligible for shipping and can only be purchased at one of our retail locations. Powered by TurnTo. Review More Purchases My Posts. Tons of grip but bulky. I stopped riding mine after i had a hard off due to a pedal strike. June 15, Got exactly what I expected. I wear these with regular skateboard shoes and my feet never move. March 20, I had on the Deity Decoy pedals, and they were good. The difference was incredible.

From the moment my foot hit the pedals they just stuck there. The great part is that I feel like my foot is perfectly cradled in a power position; not only are they sticky but my foot easily finds the sweet spot. I know they are pricey but if you buy these pedals it is because you are looking for the best experience in a pedal, and for me, they are worth it. July 29, Best platform pedals I've ever had. Absolutely the best platform pedals I've ever used.

Super grippy with 28 pins per pedal 14 on each side. Bought a pair for my fatbike and liked them so much I bought another pair for my Specialized Enduro Elite.

Adidas TMac Millennium Performance Analysis and Review | sforechellacont.ga

Don't know how durable these pedals will be, but so far so good after a half dozen rides. March 4, The wide platform and allen-style pins grip really well. However, after owning two pairs on two bikes, both have failed and the pedal bodies came off the shafts. Seems the outer nut and cheap bushings failed.

March 22, Ryan K.

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June 12, I have been riding this set of pedals for about one month now It is a large platform compared to any flat pedal I have seen or used so far but that is good for me because I wear a size 12 shoe. Size may be a little overkill for a rider with a smaller foot but it really boils down to preference.

The grip on these is incredible especially with some good five ten rubber to hold hands with it. Bearings have run smooth and with no play so far. I have heard others speak of pedals strikes possibly being an issue due to size but I feel like it depends on the bike you ride. I am on a santa cruz nomad 3 which runs a low bb anyways so more pedal strikes are expected.

All in all if you are a flat pedal rider and looking for max grip and comfort in an attractive design this is your pedal.

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May 22, Purchased over 2 years ago. I purchased two sets of these petals for both of my bikes from the recommendation of a friend and couldn't be happier with them they stick to your feet like crazy have a nice wide base making your foot not get cramps. August 9, Ted C.

Excellent fit and large platform. The concave shape is fantastic and the combo of 5. I have bought two sets of these. The comfort on my feet, and having full control of the bike through my pedals is outstanding. The best flat pedals I have ever used.

Remember McGrady in Orlando? Check out how the T-Mac 3 did!

The large size has not caused more pedal strikes than usual. I was concerned about that, but ended up not being much different from my previous pedals, Straitline AMPs. November 10, November 29, Everything else will come off before you come off the pedals! February 7, Best pedal on the market. These pedals are one of the best I've ridden a bigger platform and stick to your feet in the roughest technical sections I use them on both my bikes. August 22, Purchased 2 months ago. The lock my foot in an give great contact space.

February 17, Purchased 10 months ago. Tons of grip. Huge platform. Keep you feet on the pedals.

They will eat your shins. November 20, November 23, Best pedals I have ever owned. After my initial order, I changed my mind on what color I wanted and had to change my order. The staff was friendly and helpful like always, and delivery was super fast, the item shipped out right after my order was placed. August 31, Clydesdale Chris. Bought a set of these to replace my winter flats 45nrth Helva's on my Rocky Mountain Blizzard Right out of the box these things are gorgeous, and installed easily.

The grip is amazing and I'd recommend these to a friend who's looking for a superior quality pedal. Just wish they were a bit cheaper, but you usually get what you pay for and these are very high quality, grippy pedals. February 14, You guys have made xmas shopping for my boyfriend a breeze! Thank you!!!! December 10, Kristin for Boyfriend Gerret.

Everything Old is New Again. Five stars to begin with, until time proves otherwise.

BOOST BATTLE! Harden Vol 3 or the T-Mac Millenium

Mostly road use for me. The pedal shape and size fits my very wide feet just right. Its symmetrical form is like pedals of old, which promote center foot placement; that's a good thing. Maaann these pedals are good looking! February 23, Awesome form and grip. Had a pair of Atlas Race Face that were great, but left them on the bike I traded in because I wanted a different color on new bike.

Official images of the upcoming Marvel x Adidas TMac 1 "Nick Fury."

Gave the Diety T-Macs a try based on other reviews and I am extremely pleased. Changing the DNG causes hugely increased backup times, and no ability to discern unwanted changes from those caused by editing. I have reported this workflow absurdity to Adobe and I hope to see a change made, at least an option to never modify DNG files, using XMP sidecar files always, just as with all other raw file types. The diglloydTools "tiers" are just a download privilege period—you can use the downloaded version forever once downloaded. However, as a serious tool for long-term data integrity checking, most professionals purchase the 5 year option so they can download for five years including any updates any time, since they rely on it as part of workflow.

Teams must purchase more than one license, but individual users may use it on all of their own machines. Note that IntegrityChecker users are urged to move to the cross-platform Java version now. MacOS Mojave was a security and usability disaster for months. For now, stick with the right geography. Readers might help me and help other readers decide what is the best speech to text app dictation. I want to save myself some typing, and be able to "write" while I hike or walk or am out and about when an idea pops into my head.

Or to save the strain on arms and hands typing. Wait at least 3 months and probably more. Mojave did not one good thing for my work and workflow and to this day has continuing hassles—and I waited a full 6 months before installing it. But wait— it gets much worse — bit software will no longer run , see below.