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SoundSource 4 review: The Mac audio control app Apple should have made | Macworld

Check your audio hardware is working properly. You can test this by playing audio from somewhere other than Spotify. Let us know how you get on! We'll be happy to lend a hand if you're still having troubles. First I called Apple, they tried to reset the iMac. So they told me to bring it in. Next I opened Launchpad and saw an icoon with the Yosemite update. So I installed the update again. And guess what? Sound works again. Getting tired of this. What exactly is the difference between audio and sound as per the title of the article?

Audio meaning any audio channel is not outputting, sound meaning the actual sound noise being output.

No sound on Mac? Check these things first

What should I do if there are no output OR input devices to select from. Same here. No onboard input or output devices are shown. Only way I can get audio in or out is via a usb audio dongle. One is running It is so frustrating sometimes. And having to actually press the power button, and wait for the system to boot up when it is powered down. The girl in the Apple store told me it could do that, so I bought it.

For those of us with audio interfaces, we can set the in AudioMidi or with the delivered software. I have iTunes in my interface, opera but not safari.

How to Fix Volume Mac Always MUTE No Sound (Speaker Mac Error)

Please investigate this issue more fully. Please Contact metro specific details. Anybody know anything about this? First and most important, you must have a truly compatible Mini DisplayPort to HDMI output adapter that allows audio output not all do support sound, amazingly enough , often the super cheap ones on Amazon do not support sound so you want to spend a little more for ones that sound is specifically mentioned, MonoPrice, etc, but there are many on Amazon that do, check the comments.

Then you must have a decent HDMI cable which most are acceptable. Then it is a matter of selecting the proper output channel for sound. I have also noticed that when I plug in a headphone, then close the lid of my MacBook Pro so it goes into sleep mode, remove the headphone and open the lid again to awake my MacBook Pro, there sound is no sound.

My Mac Won't Recognize Stereo Speakers

I must re-select the internal speakers from the sound configuration to make it work again. I hope Apple will pay more attention to stability and reliability over new gadgets and unwanted new software features. I have the opposite problem. My internal speakers work perfectly, but the input microphone does not work. I have a Dragon microphone input through a UBS slot, and that works with dragon. But neither the internal microphone, nor the dragon microphone, nor an external microphone give an input. Only the dragon microphone shows sound level varying.

Another possibility is to hold the option key and click on the speaker icon in the top right corner: it will show a list of all input and output devices, with a checkmark indicating the current default. Suggest others play with either this or your suggestion to fix the problem. My ipadair with ios8 goes mute sometimes. It seems to have something to do with listening to audio books. Not sure if this is directly related, but this happens often when I use Voila, the screen capture app, specifically when capturing computer sound output along with the video.

I keep getting a message when I do this that I have no output controls? Unable to get the audio output back! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Sidha says:. August 31, at pm. Elizabeth Siroky says:. September 5, at pm. Levi says:.

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